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Concerned about your healthy diet and lifestyle? Want to eat bacon but afraid to gain weight and absorb fats, well we prepared recipes on how to stay conscious while eating your favourite bacon!

by Kings Foods Admin on March 08, 2021
The New Premium Honeycured Bacon

The New Premium Honeycured Bacon

A premium product made of the highest quality of King’s Quality Foods Inc. A new level of bacon slathered in honey that gives you a taste like no other. Slices of bacon smoked with both the right amount of sweetness from honey and just enough salt for a savory mix. Made from fresh and lean premium pork bellies, the prime cut is thinly sliced and seasoned with an extra glazed of honey for the perfect balance of sweet and salty in every slice. Enjoy our premium bacon in so many ways, baked or pan fry or in whatever form of your choice you’ll still have the perfect taste that our premium bacon serves.

Check out our Premium Honeycured Bacon now to enjoy the crispiness and burst of flavors very bite.

by Kings Foods Admin on February 08, 2021


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